Sunday, July 4, 2010

Petition for Prayer

2nd UPDATE: Luke's gases and acid are normal, and for a baby on ECMO that is very abnormal. There is a Presence in his room...the nurses just smile. Now, he's stable and his body is resting perfectly. The most critical point in Luke's little body is his pulmonary veins. We have been told numerous times that they have to miraculously grow in order to do their job. So...we are turning to the Miracle Worker! Pray for veins! Luke 1:37

UPDATE: Luke's procedure is finished and he did very well. Dr. Mascio was able clean the chest out and said it looks quite nice now. He also said that it appears Luke is draining fluid well and that is our goal for the rest of the day.

So...when you are praying today...pray for...PEE! Pee Luke Pee!

This is a quick petition for prayer:

Luke has quite a bit of bleeding this morning. Dr. Mascio will explore the chest at 10:30am est. This is said to be a routine procedure for a baby on ECMO. However, for parents to see the little guy's chest patch full of blood is very scary. Please pray that it is nothing more than just a result of thinned blood. Today is suppose to be a restful day for Luke; please pray he is able to get some.

On a very positive note...

Luke's output of urine was very good last night. That is a sign that his kidneys are working and that his body is attempting to push the fluid off it. Let's hope this keeps up!

While you are praying, make sure you give God all the praise and glory that He deserves. Praise Him for the small things in life that we too often take for granted.

NOTE: DO NOT miss out on Kristin's post from last night right below this one!

Luke 1:37

-- Benson


  1. We will be praying as he goes into surgery! Love you all!
    Brian, Becky, Anna, Emma, and Ella Pinson

  2. Kristin and Benson,
    We are praying for your beautiful little boy, as well as the two of you.
    Pam & Luke Williams

  3. so glad that the procedure went through well!

  4. We've been watching for your blogs. Praise God that Luke's doing well. We've been praying.
    Eddie and Michele Nevitt
    Lewisport, Ky
    (Rob & Vicky's former church)

  5. I've been reading your posts and praying for your family every day. My daughter also had small pulmonary veins along with HLHS. What they did for her was to put a few stents in those veins to open them up, she was then able to come off of ECMO. She was one of the first babies to have this done. And it was only done on her one year ago. Something to maybe talk to your doctor about. It was done at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, OR.

    Praying for you and little Luke!

  6. Sexton 3

    We are praying for you this Sunday afternoon. Praying that Luke is resting good and getting some sleep. He is so beautiful. Give him a little kiss on the cheek from the Tillers in Columbia.

    Mike, Linda and Lydia

  7. Kristin and Benson,

    I will continue to hold you and Luke in my prayers. Caring for your family this weekend has truly been an honor and a blessing. Your relationship with each other and faith in the Father are an inspiration.

    Lacie Crone, PICU RN

  8. I'm praying for Luke and the family!!

  9. Hello Kristen, Benson and Little precious Luke, You are in my prayers, my prayers and thoughts are with you everyday. i hope all gets better, and little Luke can come home and live a happy and healthy life. Love you guys. God Bless♥

    Holly Horton- Bradley
    Cave City, Ky


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