Thursday, July 15, 2010

Expression of Gratitude

The past few days have been overwhelming...a nightmare if you please. No one expects to have to deal with what Kristin and I had to and no one could ever be prepared. However, God was present at Luke's Celebration and that is what we prayed for. Over 10 people rededicated their lives to Christ and all 350+ were touched by the Holy Spirit...we had church!

We want to thank everyone who visited the funeral home, sent gifts or flowers, gave monetary donations, brought food, sent cards or letters, made phone calls or anything else that I missed giving credit for. Again, we are overwhelmed by the support we have received and it is evident that our little boy's story reached a lot of people.

I am not sure when, but eventually Kristin and I will begin posting more on this blog and use it as one of our ministry tools for Luke 1:37 keep checking back. For now, Kristin and I are trying to gather our thoughts, rest our bodies and get back to somewhat of a normal life. Both Lindsey Wilson College and Campbellsville University have been gracious enough to allow me and Kristin time recoup before returning to work.

We pray that as we continue to try and grasp what has happened in our lives, that you take time every day to listen to God and to thank Him for the blessings in your life. Never go to bed without praying with your children and telling them how much you love them. Never let a day go by that you do not spend time with your spouse and keep the passionate fire burning within your relationship. Let God take your life to a new level, and always be bold in witnessing for Him.

For those of you that live in the local area, St. Andrew UMC in Campbellsville is hosting a Fish Fry tomorrow night, Friday, July 16th, from 5-8pm est in memory of Luke...all proceeds go to Luke 1:37 Ministries. Kristin and I will be there to share in the food and fellowship with everyone that attends. We know that God is going to bless this ministry and that many families will be able to experience the same love that we have received from all of you.

Luke 1:37

-- Benson


  1. I have followed your blog for a while now. WOW.... your faith is amazing. I pray God blesses you and your ministry in the days, months and years to come. Luke may be gone but he will never be forgotten.
    May God be with you now and always.

  2. Thinking if you all today. Praying for peace for you. Mom said th service was amazing, very touching. Wish we could have been there. Love you!

  3. Praying for you both as you walk the path no parent should ever have to. My husband and I did back in October... Luke won't be forgotten.

  4. God has a blessed little ANGEL. I pray for your continuing strength and faith in the Lord. Love Teressa and Steve Germain and Tylor Kendall

  5. praying for you as you deal with your grief and loss. God has definitely been glorified in this situation!

  6. Benson and Kristin,
    My prayers will continue for you. I know that so many people ache for your sorrow. I believe that Our Heavenly Father grieves for us too when we are going through times of grief. "You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one (each tear) in your book." Psalm 56:8
    May you rest in the arms of our Lord, for that is the only place that holds all you need. Donna Estes Brokamp/Sevierville Tn.

  7. My name is Mary. I am Karen Marie Asbury's aunt. My husband, John, and I live in Michigan. We have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

    Your story, your faith and your strength, have touched me deeply. I have prayed for you and little Luke and feel as though I have gone on this journey with you. I have cried for you as you have experienced what no parent should ever experience.
    I know the Lord has a new, precious angel in his Heaven, who will now look after both of you throughout the coming weeks, months and years.

    Benson, the photo of you kissing baby Luke is, without a doubt, the most beautiful, tender picture I have ever witnessed. Karen Marie posted it on Facebook. (I wish I could find it once again.)

    You cannot possibly be aware of all the lives that you have touched. I know I will continue to think about what you've "taught" us and pray for your hearts to mend. God Bless you both.

  8. Benson and Kristen, I am so unbelievably sorry for your loss. Luke was such a little miracle baby. It was my pleasure to have had the privilege to take care of him. You are both amazing parents and people. Your faith is so inspiring as well as your determination. Keep your faith strong and know that you are in my prayers.

  9. Benson and Kristin,

    I was directed to your blog through Facebook. Your story has touched my heart and humbled me in ways I did not think were possible. Your faith in God is an example for all of us. Thank you for sharing your journey with your precious Luke with the world. Luke's journey here may have ended, but he has begun a great ministry which will continue with you. I will continue to remember you and your families in prayer.

  10. From one bereaved parent to another, I just want you to know you are still in our prayers. As you walk the days and months ahead, there are so many things that will bring you joy and pain together.
    You might already know about this book, but I wanted to share with you anyway. Angie Smith (wife of Todd Smith who sings with the Christian music group Selah) has written a beautiful book called, "I Will Carry You". Angie and Todd have been through the loss of a baby and the words she uses to describe what this is like are just so beautiful. Her strength and faith remind me so much of you both. If you do not already have a copy of this book, please email me and I would love to send you mine.

    Hugs and Prayers.


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