Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July Little Luke!

Well, we've learned one thing about our little boy - he likes to throw parties! He threw himself a huge birthday party the night he was born and invited all the NICU staff, cardiologists and surgeons. They got him a big ECMO machine as his birthday present - but Mommy is hoping to get rid of it soon.  :)  Then this morning, he thought he would throw another 4th of July party with his nurses, OR staff and Dr. Mascio. He just loves to entertain people I guess.

Luke has spent the rest of his first 4th of July getting lots of rest and getting rid of lots of fluid. Tonight, our nurses decided to move his head around and clean up his hair a little. He is looking so handsome the doctors will hardly recognize him during rounds in the morning! Turns out that his hair is actually brown and not black like we first thought (sorry Leah!) but it still beautiful. Once he was all rearranged, he opened his right eye and was finally able to look at Mommy and Daddy. It was the first time we had see his little eye since right after he was born.

Depending on how Luke does tonight, doctors may begin to gradually turn down his ECMO machine early in the morning during rounds. However, there is a possibility that they may give him another day and wait to challenge him on Tuesday. We are praying for an extra extra good night tonight and for the Lord's hand to be on Luke in the morning to give him miraculous strength to work that little heart on his own.

Benson and I can't get over how much we can love a little guy so much. If love could be enough to make that special heart work, we would already be home! However, we know the Lord is in control and we are waiting patiently on His timing for Luke's miracle to be revealed.

-- Kristin


  1. my sister shared your blog with me....just know you all are in my thoughts & prayers!

    Howardstown, Ky
    Terri Cecil

  2. Saw you on the prayer list from Kelly's Korner. You are all in my prayers. I have a miracle boy who also is named Luke (we spell it Luc). I was reading your posts and crying as I was taken back 12 years. It will be your faith in God that gets you through. I remember those days of being so HIGH and then so low. I will continue praying for you through these highs and lows.

    Pleasant Hill, IA

  3. Glad to hear you're hearing more good news than bad as they days progress. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. Kristen...I finally had time to sit down and read the blog tonight and I just want you to know that you are on my heart tonight. I've been sitting here crying through the blogs as if I would if I were there. We prayed for little Luke and your family in Sunday School this morning as well. You are a strong Christian and I admire how in everything that is going on, you still continue to praise Christ through it all. Keep praising Christ through it all and know that our family will continue to pray. One day at a time. By the way, the pictures of Luke are great. Love that hair. Slaton and Cates never had any. Love you girl!

  5. got this sight from Sarah Gardner's website and I am praying for all of you and share your story with my church. Don't even know Sarah, a friend gave it to me. I cannot imagine going through what all of you are experiencing but God will pull you through and He knows best. Keep your faith and we will be praying for all the families.

  6. I am continuing to lift Luke up in prayer. Your faith in God's ability to work miracles in your little man's life is astounding and inspirational. Your Lindsey Wilson family is praying & praying hard. I pray peace for both you & Benson and strength for little Luke. Through God, all things are possible.

    In Him,
    Jenny Burdine

  7. Kristen and Benson,
    Your story has been such a blessing to me. I go to South Campbellsville and we put you on the prayer list on the day Luke was born, and you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing such an intimate time in your lives with us and thank you for giving God the glory and Bro Shaun our pastor told me when I was diagnosed with Cancer with a 1 and 2 year old, "as much as I loved my girls, God loves them more and has a plan" I am fine and the girls are now 7 and 8 and MacKenzie was baptised yesterday. I will continue to send prayers.
    Terri Miller

  8. Just want you to know our church is praying for you. We are in Waddy, KY Graefenburg Baptist Church. I saw a posing about Luke on Facebook and am continuing to update the church with you blog. Prayers are coming your way from our prayer warriors. God Bless each of you.

  9. prayers and thoughts of you since I've seen this blog. I've posted it to my fb wall. I don't know how to fb friend you ....diane loewen if you can find me or under I will keep passing the word.
    I know this must be very difficult. you are not alone. Even if we've never met i love you and baby luke and God loves you and is hearing our prayers. Lord show us you are near. diane in mt

  10. God is faithful....this much I do know. I also know that God has blessed Luke with two wonderful parents. I am thankful for your witness for the Lord and how he is using it to reach others! I will be praying fervently for Luke and you both!
    Summer Watson

  11. I simply pray for you to find continued comfort and strength for all your days and nights! May God provide the healing you and your families will need during this life-altering time. May you always know that when the stars shine, it will your Luke smiling down on you... When it rains, it will Luke providing the world with a rainbow... When it snows, it will Luke touching you in ever snowflake. Every spring with each blossom, he will let you know how very much he and God love you! Many blessings!

    ** Missy McCarty ** I saw your blog on Vickie Goode Caldwell's facebook page... she and I went to school together!


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