Friday, September 17, 2010

The peace of God.

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." - Phillipians 4:7

I received a beautiful email that gave me such amazing insight to the verse. I just had to share. Thank you Donna!

So many people who have lost children, spouses or anyone they love often struggle with the concept of having "peace from God." We lay awake at night...wondering and questioning, Why? What if?

Phillipians 4:7 is a verse that I am very familiar with. It was given to me many times while I was in the hospital with Luke. It is what I like to call, a feel-good verse that you read when you need to be uplifted.  I remember reading it many times thinking...okay, good it, thanks.

However, the email I got the other day opened my eyes to a piece of the Scripture that I had never really understood the significance of...

"the peace of God, which passeth all understanding..."

There are often times that I get caught up with wanting to understand why this happened to Luke. I have reasoned that it was not of God's character to inflict illness upon Luke or suffering upon my family (see post)...and that is something that I believe very strongly. However, I am still human and I still wish there was some answer, some closure to the question...why?

However, there is a peace that comes from God...not just a peace that gives us rest or a warm feeling inside...not just a peace that lifts us up and carries us in our darkest times. It is a peace that goes beyond - that passes - our own understanding.

In the words of my friend Donna...

"The peace of God is not in our understanding--it is passed it. Greater than! God's peace is not something we have once in a while, or when things are going great. Peace in our hearts keeps our spiritual blood flowing! God's peace is with us through it all!"

How true.

When we are in a season of questioning...we can rest in His peace that surpasses our understanding and holds our heart and mind. Some things are just not for us to understand and that is okay. We don't always have to have the answers to our problems as long as we put our trust into the Ultimate Problem-Answerer.

I am so greatful that God has given me a peace that is greater than my understanding. I do not have to know the answers to "why" or "what if."  I can just rest in knowing that He is God and that, in all things, He will carry me through.


  1. This post could not come at a better time for me and my family-thank you for sharing Donna's email.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that! I can't remember if I've commented here before so please forgive me if I'm repeating myself...

    I had gone through 4.5 years of infertility including a failed ivf earlier this year. We were very discouraged. In March, I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant on my own. We were ecstatic. We hit the second trimester, but on Mother's Day we found out the baby had died. I had spent the entire pregnancy living in terror of what would happen if the baby died, feeling like the pain would be too great and I wouldn't be able to survive it.

    Four months later, and here I am. My grief is still intense, but I also possess exactly this - a peace that passes all understanding. I hadn't realized until your post that this is exactly what the verse is talking about. Thank you for sharing. It has encouraged me in my grief and in my faith!

  3. It really, really, really is peace that defies logic. And when people tell me that I'm 'strong' or 'brave' or 'doing well'....I never miss the opportunity to tell them honestly and truly, it is supernatural.

    It does NOT make sense. It is not contingent (though I know it's part of God's healing) on another brother for our sweet boy...or our circumstances or's supernatural and I'm so, so grateful for it.

  4. I am forwarding this post on to my mom and dad- We've struggled with understanding the "why" of things here lately.


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