Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yet another angel...

This morning I came to work, logged on facebook and saw where sweet little Joshua's...a HLHS baby in IN...little heart had stopped. I prayed and prayed and prayed all morning. That sweet boy deserved to live...his mommy deserved to take him home.
Just a few minutes ago, Jill posted that Joshua went to be with Jesus in Heaven...with Luke, Cohen and just recently, Ewan.

Joshua makes two babies this week.

I know this happens every day...I'm not ignorant to the sickness and suffering in the world.
But these are two babies that I read about every day...prayed for every night, even before they were born.
Like us, they were given hope.

Today, I am mad at satan...
I have had ENOUGH.

In the name of JESUS, satan leave our babies alone.

Pray for all of us who will never know the joy of our babies eyes squinting in the is not a fun club to be in.


  1. Not a fun club at all. I am not a heart mom but I did lose my son before he was born. I can't believe his birth and heaven day is fast approaching it doesn't seem like a year has gone by.

    Praying for those of us in that horrible club.

  2. So, so sorry. I told my husband recently (after learning that a young boy who has cancer was recently told by doctors that there was nothing else they could do for him) that I understand why we don't live on this earth forever and why most elderly people I know are accepting of death....because after you've seen and heard and experienced enough unfairness and suffering like finally say "Screw this life! I'm over it! Bring on Heaven!" ;) I laugh, but I'm very sincere. PRAISE GOD that this is not it....thank you Jesus for giving us the possibility of eternal life in Heaven with You where there will be NO pain and suffering and unfairness!!!

    Will be praying for these sweet babies. I am a follower of your blog and thank you for being brave enough to make your heartfelt and inspiring posts.

  3. Praying for the families of all these sweet, precious baby boys. I will definitely be sending up prayers rebuking satan in the powerful, Holy name of Jesus!

  4. I cannot even understand your loss or those parents who have lost their babies. I have followed your blog since Luke's birth and I see a great work that was done through your son's life. I have two sons and I can only pray they that are as much a witness as your husband, sweet baby Luke and yourself have been to myself and others. I pray that God heals your heart and also prayer for the others that have lost their little ones.

  5. Praying for those families this week.

    One of my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE lines of any song I know is from SCC, Heaven Is The Face...

    ...Where there's NO MORE ENEMY.

    NO MORE.

    I long for that day.

  6. I came to your blog from Megan's. Megan and I worked to get pregnant at the same time, and found out we were pregnant within a few months of each other. I prayed every day for her sweet little one and watched as he went on to Heaven. Just recently, she's opened my eyes to Joshua's and Ewan's story and I've prayed over them and wept as they joined her little boy. I've just caught up on your story as well, and my heart breaks for you. I can't imagine the pain you all have suffered. I am so, so sorry for you loss and the losses of these other beautiful women. I long for the day y'all see your sweet babies again. What a beautiful day that will be!


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