Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy 5 months Luke!

Today marks 5 months since our sweet baby boy was born.

It is hard to believe that it has been five months. Everyday I think about what Luke would be doing if he was here...what I would be buying him for Christmas...what his personality would be like...or who he would look like. When you have a baby that is in Heaven, it's very easy to get lost in the "what if's" and eventually fall deep into the sadness of a life you will never fully know. So instead of focusing on what isn't, I remind myself each day to be thankful for what was...his long skinny legs, crooked toes, head full of hair. Even with a broken heart, my baby was perfect. There was and is so much to be thankful for.  I carried him, I gave birth to him, I held him in my arms. He was here and he was mine.

So, today...I celebrate.
Happy five months little man...we love you more than ever.


  1. Happy 5 Months to Luke!!! sweet picture! kicking and screaming it appears... ;)

  2. happy five months to you and LUKE! He is perfect and I know that life would be so much better if he were here with you right now. I am sorry that he isn't.

  3. I spoke of you today to a lady at Wal Mart & prayed for you too!

  4. Happy Five Months to Luke! (Hello there, I am a new reader.) I have not lost a child but did lose my only sister and it is very difficult not to get caught up in the what ifs and the wondering of who she would be now.

    Also, I read your incredible news below as well and I am here to tell you that miracles DO happen. My daughter was born in February and there are only 5 other women in the world with my disease (Cystinosis) who have been able to bring babies into this world. I can empathize with your anxiousness of the pregnancy, as there were times during mine when I honestly did not think either of us would survive; but stay strong, be positive, and have faith!


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